Montezuma County, CO Accounting Firm


"Nelly, has been an amazing! We opened our business & were not prepared for all of the difficulties we would face setting up our QB account. She helped with everything from setting up our very large & expansive inventory, to making original templates for our invoices & teaching us how to use QBs for our daily accounting. We threw Nelly some pretty large challenges & she was able to figure out how to get QBs to work with our unique situations. I found her on ProAdvisor & emailed her the day before we opened for business. She made time to help us opening day & from that day after. She held our hand & taught us how to use QB the most effective way. She has been a godsend. I would definitely recommend her to everyone."

Excal Visual Inc, EagleVail, CO

"Nelly's expertise is refreshing. She knows what she's talking about and she is highly educated in her field. She makes me feel very comfortable and helps me easily understand. I would highly recommend Nelly to everyone I know!"

Worldwide Auto, New Castle, CO

"Nelly was a fantastic find for my small business (sole proprietorship) that I started. She helped me understand the intricacies of QuickBooks and made my life so much easier! My books are in order and most importantly she taught me how to get them in order myself."

Finish Carpenter, Eagle CO

"Very professional, quick to respond, and understands how my business works quickly. Since using her business services, my confidence is better during work time. Getting this straightened out has been a goal of mine for some time. I am glad that I found her services."

Audio Visual Installer, New Castle, CO

"Nelly Burns provided free initial consultation then set up a plan to put my business back on track. We use QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks Enterprise in a linked accounting system. There were serious issues with the set-up of the POS database. The inventory database did not produce accurate sales reports and needed to be rebuilt and the staff had to be retrained. Nelly implemented a plan to fix the database and retrain the staff during our slow period. She held QuickBooks training sessions on POS and did an excellent job seeing the project through to completion.

The Wildflower Farm, Edwards, CO

"Nelly Burns really helped me out of a jam when with payroll. My previous bookkeeper, did not enter 1.5 years of payroll correctly in QB (even though I purchased QB Payroll) nor did she take care of the payroll taxes and W-2s. She didn't even take taxes out of anyone's checks. When I found out what was going on, she suddenly quit and left me with a big mess. I didn't even know what needed to be done and I was very upset. Nelly was able to handle the whole thing and get the taxes paid to the IRS and EDD along with fixing my QuickBooks. If you want someone who knows QuickBooks, and will solve problems quickly, call Nelly."

Tres Fabu, San Diego, CA

"Nelly helped get me up and running with QBO. She was very thorough about what features that could potentially confuse me and what I should know as a new QuickBooks Online user. This helped me avoid going down a rabbit hole as she presented aspects of QuickBooks in an orderly manner that was easy to learn. I was able to follow her direction because of her patience and understanding. I think whomever she is training will also appreciate her calming and supportive attitude which will get you through it. Will always seek out her expertise, next time I need assistance. She is your gal!!"

Bookkeeper learning QuickBooks Online, South Lake Tahoe, CA